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Thanks for visiting the home of the vom Hornback World Champion Bloodline German Shepherd Dogs. AKC

8/30/2023 UPDATE

We have 5 puppies that are 14 weeks old available on sale for half price.  Please contact me by email if you are interested and would like pictures.


8/7/22 The two females are on sale , $450. off. I must get these two in homes, they are 10 weeks old. The last male is gone.  E-mail me for pictures at Jon


Two Females & one male left of the May 20th litter. e-mail me for pictures, Jon Hornback


3 male & 5 females.  Females $1750. males $1850. They are outside in their new kennel. Use my e-mail address, to ask for new pictures taken today 6-23-22. Come see them. Jon


We have 8 new puppies born May 20th. 2022,  one male is sold.  3 male & 5 females. The deposit is $300. the price is $1850. e-mail address


12/31/21 Three male puppies left. Price reduced again. My health requires me to get these 3 in homes, $1350. + tax. Take your pick home.  Get a new puppy for New Years.  They are perfect.  Jon Hornback


12/8/21  I still have 4 male puppies, 3 are 7 1/2 weeks old & one 9 weeks. These are perfect Christmas puppies. $1450. down from $1850. E-mail for new pictures.  Jon


I still have 6 puppies 5 male & one female, the males are on sale with $400. off. Jon call or e-mail for pictures.


Tiger still needs a loving family, I got a copy of his AKC certifacate and he is still in my name, his papers are in order. He is 17 months not one year. Call or e-mail for pictures. Jon


11/01/21 I just got a request to rehome Tigar vom Hornback a one year old male of mine. I am waiting for AKC info now. His owner died suddenly and the dog is with his teanage Son. He will be priced at half what his sale price was, around $900. E-mail me for pictures and more info, at is perfect. Jon Hornback JPH German Shepherd Dogs. or call at 360-568-5654


10/11/21 I now have 13 puppies to sell with 11 left to sell, 9 males so I have lowered the price $400. on the males from $1850. to $1450. for now to see if they sell faster, The females are normal priced at $1850. only 2 left. Jon


Falina & Rio II had 6 puppies on 10/9/21. She had them under my garage floor. I haired a young man to go under and get them out. They are perfect, 4 male & 2 female. That makes 13 puppies here now but only 2 female for sale.


10/10/21 Opal & Rio II had 7 puppies on 9-28. 6 male & one female. Get your deposit down now. 5 male left. Jon


9-15-21 The phone voice service is now fixed and Ziply Fiber is gone. I now get my phone service from HighesNet by satalite . call me at 360-568-5654. I still have 3 beautiful 12 week old females on sale for $1450. Contact me for new pictures. From here or my e-mail


8-17-21 I am working on changing my business phone to Hughes Net satalite phone service. In the mean time contact me on my E-mail, it is fixed now. It is My cell phones don't have massage  service working. I still have four females for sale with $300. off until I get my business phone working. E-mail me for current pictures. Jon


We have been  having our long distance blocked, incoming and out going on our home phone (360-568-5654) until September 28th. Please use our cell phones (Jon's 425-346-3411) (Pam's 425.356-7334) These are new replacement phones and I am not sure how to retrive messages so use both and hope we answer, I will get my Son to setup the messages. Use my E-mail it is a better way.  8-3-2021



We currently have 4 black & red  females from litter (Z2) born 6-18-21


Willow & Rio II had litter (Z2) 4 female puppies born 6-18-21


Farah & Rio II had litter (Y2) on 6-13-21, 3 female and 1 male.   Farah's puppies are sold. Jon


Some discussion about past litters are below, it is  just for your information, the puppies are all sold.

8-24-19 Reba had 3 females & 5 males last night, litter (O2) One female & 5 males are still for sale. The deposit is $250. the price is $1850. Raji is the sire. pictures above left side. All puppies from(O2) are sold. Jon

6-14-19 Mickey vom Hornback (M2), he is on sale with $400. off from $1850. down to $1450. until his Potty &crate training is complete.

6-10-19 Litter (N2) of 5 was born on 6-7-19, 4 male & 1 female, three (N2) males are for sale plus one male (Mickey) from litter (M2) 7 weeks old, he is in the house being crate trained now. and in the first day perfect in and out of his crate. He is above, bottom left and to his left is a litter (N2) puppy. Jon

5-26-19 litter (M2) green male & purple female are for sale, pictures bottom left above.

5-20-19 I now have a male puppy back from Kendra's litter (M2) & two females.

4-26-19 Two of Kendra's females, bottom left, seven days old. Four females left. Three males sold in 6 days. Jon

4-19-19 Kendra had 7 large perfect puppies last night, Get your deposit down while you can, two males and 4 females available

Bosco is the picture above bottom right.

4-14-19 Farah & Bosco bred on 4-9-19

4-14-19 Willow & Bosco bred on 4-2-19.

4-12-19 Kendra was x-rayed today, she has 7 puppies due around 4-15-19.

2-15-19 Kendra & Raji are breeding now. This will be Kendra's last litter. Kendra is due 4-15-2019 Jon

1-20-19 Regina went to Idaho to live with Sara & Regina's Son Rick James. Jon

12-22-18 My retired 7 1/2 year old spay female Regina needs a new home. She is protective. The home she is in has only a small yard and she was used to much more. I don't need any money for her just a good home, above are some pictures. Jon 360-568-5654 or

9-5-18 I just refunded the deposit for 2nd. male litter (K2) He is 4 1/2 weeks old, picture above lower right. He is for sale. Jon 

Update 8-4-18 Willow birthed 4 very large puppies last night, 2 male & 2 female they weighted from 587 to 690 grams, 500 grams is average size. Deposits may be sent now it is $250. the price is $1850.

7-28-18 Sasko vom Hornback (S) AKA Cookie needs a new home. He was born 3-2016. We are asking for a $500. re-home fee only. He will be sold from pictures Sasko is sold

7-28-18 Willow is due Aug. 2nd, she has 5 puppies.

7-15-18 Reba & Raji have one large male from litter (J2) still available. Right hand side above. All (J2) are sold

7-5-18 Reba & litter (J2) are beautiful & 5 weeks old. Two male & two female are sold

Kylo & Terra are sold and went to a home in Graham together. Also Ivy aka Kyah Bear is sold. Jon

5-30-18 Reba birthed 9 healthy puppies last night, 4 male & 5 female. Above left. The deposit is $250. the price is $1850. two male are sold now, litter (i2). Jon

5-21-18 There is one female left from Farah.

4-23-18 Farah on 4-20 had 8 beautiful large puppies, 6 male & 2 female. Some males are sold

4-18-18 We have a 2 year old beautiful male Kylo that needs a loving home. He is above right side with his Sister, he is the larger one. He is perfect and we are asking $1000. He has been well cared for and has lived with his Sister Terra and two other females. Kylo is from our litter (T). Jon

4-5-18 We have one male puppy 7 weeks old from Regina's litter (G2) & two female puppies 6 weeks old from Kendra's litter (H2)

4-4-18 Regina (bottom left above) will need a great retirement home as soon as her last puppies go home in a week or two. She is in good health & will be 7 years April 22nd, well mannered, great watch dog, She would like it if she had another dog to live with as she has lived as part of a pack her whole life, or a bunch of kids. New homes will be considered on a case by case basics, if you have a safe place for Regina we can talk about it. Regina has been with me sense I birthed her but my licence is maxed out at 10 dogs. Jon

Update 3-20-18 Rocky has been re-homed with Rhonda.

Rocky vom Hornback (Z) needs a new home. Rocky is a 13 month old plush coat male, professionally trained. He is a $1000. plus tax with extra items that go with him. Rocky was sold for $1550. 11 months ago. He is above on the right laying down. Jon

update 4-4-18, They still wait. 3-20-18 Kylo & Terra still need a home. We need a home for Kylo & Terra from litter (T), Brother & Sister always together almost 2 years old and we hope they are able to stay together. Picture at the top right is Kylo & Terra. If you can handle two dogs they are well mannered and you may make an offer. They cost when I sold them $1450. each. Terra is Spay and Kylo in intact. Contact me on e-mail, I have lots of pictures of them growing. E-mail at Jon

Kendra & Rio had 5 huge puppies litter (H2) 2-22-18 one male is sold, 3 female & 1 male are available. The deposit is $250. the price is $1850.

Update 2-15-18 Regina had 7 beautiful puppies 3 male & 4 females on 2-14-18. Regina and 7 litter (G2) puppies top right. Jon

Wow 2-13-18 I haven't been here in a long time. It was a long time without dogs to breed. But that is over. 7 puppies are due tomorrow from Regina and Raji and in a week 8 are due from Kendra. We have 2 male & 2 female with deposits. With 15 due you should get a deposit in now. 3rd. male & 3rd. female are open with 11 left to pick from. Jon

Update 9-26-17 All of Reba's litter (D2) are sold. Litter (E2) was born 9-23-17, there were 2 male & 5 female. two male & two female are sold. Three females are still open for deposit. Jon

Update 9-9-17 There is one female puppy still for sale for the moment from Reba & Raji litter (D2)

Update 9-9-17 Reba had 7 beautiful puppies yesterday, 4 female & 3 male. Top right above.

Update 8-23-17 Savannah who owns Angle & Asea from litter (O) will take Kylo & Terra. She cared for them while Amber was having her babies. Thank you all and they will have a good home with friends they know. Jon Hornback

Update 8-23-17 I have a pair of siblings from litter (T), they are 17 months and are well cared for and have always been together and would not do well if parted, Terra is Spay and Kylo is intact. There owner is a Navy pilot and is deployed, his wife has new twin Sons and They are not getting out enough. They cost $2900. We are asking $1000. each. They are AKC registered and their papers are in order. If you are interested Contact from here or e-mail at There is a picture of Kylo & Terra on this page on the upper Right corner. Jon

update 8-15-17 Reba is pregnant so she will let me catch up. As a young female she should have a large litter around Sept. 6th.

Update 8-12-17 Last night Regina had 4 puppies, 3 are males so the inability to produce more than one female per litter still persists. Jon 

Maybe this will save me some time. I just had Aortic Heart Valve replacement Friday the 14th of July. Open heart. Can't lift more than 8 lbs. for two months. My kids are helping. Breeding has proceeded and many puppies still to come this year. Just get on the list and i'll be back in two months when I can drive.

Update 6-21-17 On the 18th Kendra had 7 large puppies.

Tasa is too skinny to be with many if any puppies. Regina & Raji were breeding on 6-14-17 for a few days, birth due about Aug. 15th. Reba & Raji will breed in July or August. Jon PS Open heart surgery July 14th and I will get back to doing my kennel work as soon as I can sit at my computer. 

Update 5-1-17 Because of the number of people that take advantage of my liberal deposit refund policy & the time & effort to show dogs to customers and then return deposits when they back out, and the loss of sales to people that think there are too many on the list and don't want to wait that long. There is a $50. fee for re-stocking, your refund will be $200. of the $250. deposit. Jon

Update 5-1-17 Tasa was Artificially Inseminated today using fresh sperm from Rio. Tasa will be Inseminated two more times, & is due about July 3rd or a few days later.

Update 4-13-17 Kendra was bred today using Artificial Insemination and fresh sperm from Rio. I did it to be sure it would get done by Rio. There will be a $100. surcharge for AI breeding per pup. two male & one female are sold now. Expected birth date about June 15th. Deposit is $250.

Update 4-3-17 Farah & Rio had 6 very large puppies on

3-30-17, 5 were males leaving 4 people on the female list and 2 unsold males so I offered them to the first two people on the female list and they jumped at the chance. So litter (A2) is sold.

Kendra is coming in heat now 2 months early for litter (B2), only one female still on the puppy list so get your deposit down now to get a low pick number.

Update 1-25-17 Farah & Rio have bred litter (A2) they are due March 28 th

Update Angle vom Hornback (S). I will have her home Sat. the 3rd to re-sell for the original owners. She is 10 months old and perfect. Not Spay. I will set the price after she is here, Angle is above right side. Angle is fron Regina & Raji. Jon Sold

Update 12/13/16 Tasa is still not gaining weight. I will check on the 17th. again.

Update 11-8-16 Tasa & Rio have mated using Artificial Insemination. These will be super dogs, Rio's puppies are in the highest demand here. There will be a $100. per puppy extra charge to cover the extra expense of AI breeding for litter (Z). Deposit $250. price $1550. 

Whisky vom Hornback (W) is ten weeks old and he is for sale, Sold, all other (V), (W), (X) & (Y) puppies are sold and the last goes home 11-14. Sold

Update 12-13-16 Kya and Raji are breeding now, puppies about Feb. 13th. 2017

Kya & Raji are next in early December litter (A2)

Update 9-30 16 it's been a month, too busy to post. We had 4 litters from the 9th to the 19th of Sept. Litters (V) of 6, (W) of 8, (X) of 1 & (Y) of 4. Total of 19 puppies. 10 are sold with 9 still for sale. Deposit is $250. all puppies are $1450. 5 males & 4 females.

Update 8-20-16 two litter (U) females are available and can go home on Sept. 9th. Sold.

Update 8-16-16 Three litters due in Sept. from the 9th. to the 19th, starting with Regina & Raji's litter (V), then Kendra & Raji's litter (W) is next & Farah & Rio's litter (X) about the 19th.

Jon The deposit is $250.

Update 7-17-16 Kiesha is due in two days, I bred Regina with Raji, Rio failed to breed Kendra so I bred her with Raji, then today Rio overcame the memory of his failed attempted breeding with Tasa he tried until he was bleeding and he hookup with Farah today. So lots of puppies coming. One in two days and three litters in mid Sept. Jon

Update 6-14-16 Kendra & Rio will breed soon, one male & one female are sold now.

Update 6-12-16 Tasa's Artificial Insemination looks like it failed again, I will re-try in 5 months.

Update 5-18 16 Kiesha & Raji have bred, litter (U) puppies due about July 19th. Anders is their puppy. Litter (U) is $1450. the deposit is $250.

Update 5-6-16 All 18 litter (S) & (T) puppies are sold & the last two will go home Tomorrow & Sunday.

Update 5-2-16 All 9 litter (T) puppies are sold. & 8 of 9 from litter (S) puppies are sold. One beautiful black & tan large male is still for sale ( the only black & tan of 18 (S) & (T) litter puppies) and he on sale as I need the pen he is in for breeding on May 10th. so until the 10th. he is reduced from $1450. to $1250. Santo is the two bottom pictures above.

Update 3-20-16 The last Litter (R) puppies sold last week.

Update 3-20-16 Regina & Raji's litter (S) were born 3-2-16 of 9, 5 male & 4 female. Two male & one female are sold. the deposit is $250. $1350. female, $1450. male.

Also Millie & Raji's litter (T) were born 3-9-16, 5 males & 4 females. Three males & two females are sold. The price is the same as litter (S) All my black & red & black & tan puppies are born about 90% black, there red or tan color starts to come out very soon. Jon

Update 2-19-16 Litter (R) the Red collar male is a little fluffy, a mild Plush Coat (a little longer fur) The orange collar is a little Plush also. Pictures on request.

Update 1-21-16 I weighted Regina 2 weeks ago at 84 lbs, last night she was 97 lbs. So her & Raji bred the first 3 days of January, she is due about March 1 st and this will now be litter (S) and Millie's litter will litter (T) Deposit $250. Males $1450 & females $1350.

Update 01-06-16 Millie vom Snohomish Hutton Hornback & Raji vom Fleischerheim, have been breeding starting last night this is litter (T) due about March 8 th. The deposit is $250. Males $1450. females $1350. Jon

Update 12-25-15 Artificial Insemination has failed for Tasa we will try again in April.

Kendra is caring a large litter due about 1-10-16. This is now litter (R) Kendra had 10 large puppies, 5 males & 5 females

Update 11-8-2015 Kendra vom Fleischerheim & Rio vom Snohonish Hutton Hornback bred today, litter (S) puppies are Due about 01-10-2016. The deposit is $250. females $1350. males $1450. Jon

Update 11-4-2015 Tasa vom Fleischerheim Was bred by Rio vom Snohomish Hutton Hornback today & will be re-bred Friday 11-6-15 using Artificial Insemination, for that reason I will add $100. per puppy to cover the extra cost that is $687. The deposit is $250. females will be $1450. & males $1550. I will take the first pick female myself for breeding. Tasa is about 85% from VA World Champions and has the potential to produce the best puppies ever from Rio. Litter (R) is due about Dec. 30 th. My first pick & two other females are sold. First pick male is still available.

Kendra is very close to breeding with Rio now, that will be litter (S) Kendra & Tasa are Sisters. Jon

Update 10-5-15 Farah is carrying at least 7 puppies on her X-ray, they are due in 6 days. Litter (Q) was born

11-14-15 and are all sold. Jon

Update 9-30-15 Farah will have have x-rays to count puppies Oct. 5 th at 56 days with 6 days to go. I will post the count on the 5 th. Jon

Update 9-23-15 all of litters (O) & (P) are sold at 5 weeks. Litter (Q) is due around Oct. 12 th, 4 are sold now. I'll make more. I am waiting for Tasa to come in heat to breed with Rio in Oct. Jon

Update 9-2-15 One male litter (O) is still available, two weeks old. Also one male & two female still available from litter (P) also two weeks old. Farah & Rio's litter (Q) is on track for an Oct. 12 th. birth.

Update 8-14-15 Five days to litter (O) & (P). Litter (Q) Farah & Rio is due Oct. 12 th.

Update 8-1-15 Litter (O) & litter (P) are due Aug. 19 th. Still some left, 5 litter (O) are sold. Litter (P) will be sold with limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights) Males $1250. females $1150, the deposit is $250.

Update 7-3-15 Nina vom Hornback (N) sold to Cory & Maria. Nina was the last litter (N) puppy to sell and the largest female and a real sweetheart who lived her last week with me in the house. She is doing well in her new home. Also all litter (M) are sold

Update 6-19-15 Regina & Raji bred yesterday, puppies due about Aug. 19 th. The deposit is $250., males are $1450. & females are $1350. First pick male sold today. Also we have 3 beautiful litter (N) 8 week old females. All litters (L) & (M) are sold & home.

Update 5-5-15 We have puppies from 3 litters now. litter (L) 7 weeks old, litter (M) 3 weeks old & litter (N) 2 weeks old, males & females

Update 4-24-15 Litter (K) puppy Kan vom Hornback (K) is 9 weeks old and on sale for $1200. (Kan is Sold)

Litter (N) was born 4-22-15 , there are 3 male & 5 female, Kendra & Rio are the parents.

Update 4-17-15 Farah & Rio have had Rio's first sired litter (M) 1 male & 2 female's They are beautiful & large

Update 4-9-15 We have 4 litters in progress and space is short so all litters (L), (M) & (N) are now priced at $1350. Male & Female for the next 30 days until May 10 th.

Update 3-22-15 we have 3 beautiful 5 week old litter (K) male puppies that are still available.

Update 3-22-15 on 3-17-15 Millie & Raji's litter (L) was born. 5 puppies 3 male & 2 females, one male & one female are all ready sold.

Pictures of the parents of (L) (M) & (N)are mostly in the picture section or E-mail me & I will send them.

Update 2-25-15 Kendra & Rio litter (N) is due April 15 th $1400. female & $1450. male Deposit/option to buy is $250. Full AKC

Update 2-24-15 (Millie is) Millie and Raji's litter (L) is due March 16 th. $1450. female male. Both parents are joint certified. Deposit/option to buy is $250. Full AKC

Update Feb. 10 th Rio has bred with Farah today litter (M) is due April 7 th. Also Kiesha is due Feb. 15 th. and had her X-ray yesterday and has 11 puppies and two areas that could hide more puppies, she was 120 lbs. yesterday. $1300. female 1350. male. full AKC

Update Feb. 13 th. Litter (K) Kiesha & Raji. Kiesha had 10 fine puppies 7 male & 3 female. Kiesha was 106.4 lbs yesterday , she started at 98 lbs. at breeding, she will whelp around 118 to 120 lbs, she has 24 days to go, big litter on the way. Get one while you can. $1350. male $1300. female, deposit/option to buy is $250.

Update Jan. 15 th. All litter (J) puppies are sold, Thank you litter (J) owners, you can be proud of your puppies, we think they are the best in the North West. Please send me pictures. Jon

Update Jan. 14 th Millie & Raji's litter (L) was bred today and is due March 10 th. the deposit/option to buy is $250. and refundable if I don't deliver your pick. Males are $1450. females are $1300. First pick male is sold to Amanda Smith in Oregon.

Update Jan. 6 th. Kiesha's litter (K) is 3 weeks along and now she weighs 102.5 lbs, Due date Feb. 15 th.

Update Jan. 6 th Jasmin vom Hornback (J) has gone to her new home with the Steers, Jamie & Jada are still waiting for your home.

Update Dec. 23 rd, 3 litter (J) females still available.

Update Dec. 16 th. Kiesha & Raji have been breeding for 3 days now, litter (K) puppies are due February 15 th. deposit/option to buy is $250, females are $1300, males are $1450. First pick male is sold to John Gray in Alaska.

Update Dec. 6th 2014 Six litter (J) puppies are sold with four beautiful females left. price $1300. deposit is $250.

Dec. 16th four females for Christmas. More new pictures of litter (J) puppies at the end of pictures. 

Next two breedings are Kiesha & Raji & Kendra & Rio. We are waiting for their heat to start now.

Update 11-7-14 Kya's litter (J) had 10 beautiful puppies 4 male & 6 female

Update 10-28-14 Kya is large and due Nov. 8th., she will move from my son's house to here for 2 1/2 months to birth and raise litter (J) Nov. 3rd.

Update 9-8-14 Kya & Raji have bred 2 times today and will be together until tomorrow evening, puppies will be due about Nov. 8th. To see Kya & Raji's previous litter puppy pictures, look in the pictures for litter (E) puppies.

Update Kya spotted yesterday so breeding with Raji will start Sept. 5th she will have litter (J) around Nov. 8th.

Tasa should start her heat sometime around Sept. 12th. she will breed with Rio.

Update 8-16-14 My last puppy Hidi went home with Heidi to Whidby Island, WA

Update 8-6-14 Izzi went to Kodiak Island, Alaska

Updated 8-20-14 Tasa & Rio & Kya & Raji will breed next. One male from Tasa & Rio is sold now to Sep. Get a $250. deposit down while you can get a low pick number and I will guarantee you a puppy of your choice by pick number.

Update 5-27-14 Regina & Raji's litter (I) arrived May 24, 4 male & 2 female, they are limited AKC registration (no breeding rights) and $200. less, females are $1100. males are $1250. These will go fast, two people are coming to look and leave a deposit this week .

Litter (H) pictures above right corner, see Regina and her puppies on the pictures page.

Update 6-17-14 Litter (H) puppies are on sale , reduced $200. females Hidi & Hendra are now $1100. the male Hill is now $1250. Pictures above.

Update 6-9-14 Two female & one male are still available at 10 weeks old.

Update 6-2-14 Litter (H) is 9 weeks and going outside to potty for six weeks now, we have males & females available. contact me and I will send the newest pictures. . Jon

Update 3-31-14 To answer a question. Millie & Raji are both red & black, these puppies will be beautiful red & black dogs, vom Hornback puppies are born 90% or more black, they start to get their rich red color soon starting under their tails, cheeks, lower legs & ears as they form. To see what they will look like go to the pictures and find Cape Igvak "Duke" vom Hornback, he is their full Brother from litter (C).

Update 3-30-14 Millie has birthed litter (H), 11 beautiful black & red puppies on March 30th. The deposit is $250., females are $1300. males are $1450, two males were sold before birth, these are some of our best puppies.

Update 3-27-14 Greta has gone home near Olympia to live on a horse ranch with Kim & Chris. Thanks Kim.

Millie is due in two days, she has some of our best, the deposit is $250.

Update 2-24-14 Kendra litter (F) Dam is now certified Good for hips & Normal for elbows by OFA.

Update 3-14-14 Millie has 15 days to go and weighs 104 lbs.

Update 2-7-14 Millie's litter (H) pregnancy is going well, She started at 99 lbs, my largest female by 4 lbs. over her Mother Kiesha, litter (H) is due March 29 th. to see what these puppies will look like, look at Cape Igvak "Duke" Vom Hornback from litter (C) or Sky Vom Hornback (C) Two male litter (H) puppy are sold.

Update 1-26-14 Raji & Millie bred tonight, litter (H) is due around March 29 th.

Update 1-19-14 litter (H) parents Raji & Millie are penned together to breed now and first pick male from litter (H) is sold.

Update 1-19-14, purple litter (F) female sold. There are 2 litter (F) females Farah & Flora & 2 litter (G) females Gita & Greta still available. They are using the dog door to potty now for 3 weeks with no mistakes.

Update 11-11-13 Kiesha & Raji's litter (G) 5 male & 4 female, black & red & black & tan, these puppies are $1200., with pre-paid full AKC registration, the deposit is $250.

Update June 23 th. We have a new all VA World Champion puppy, Tasa Vom Fleischerheim, she is top pick of an all VA litter, largest of the litter, Ultimate Supreme female, she is 20 weeks old. 

Update May 19 th. Our 97 lb. & 31" tall to his shoulders blades male Rio Vom Snohomish Hutton Hornback is now OFA certified Good for hips & Normal for elbows, Rio Vom Snohomish Hutton Hornback, is ready to reproduce his great look, contact us to Use Rio. We will breed Rio to Tasa Vom Fleischerheim early Spring 2015. Rio's stud fee is $900.

Our other Sire is Raji Vom Fleischerheim, Son of 2x World Champion VA 2 Voltan Vom Gletschertopf. Raji has Fathered 50 fine healthy puppies with 6 females, Raji is certified for hips & elbows Normal A1 by the SV in Germany, the best rating. His Stud fee is $1000.

We hope you can find everything you need. JPH GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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